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Current and Future Mustangs check back often for updates, documents, helpful videos, and more! 


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Click the picture below and then select an individual tile to hear our teachers describe their elective classes. This will help you choose your classes when the O. Henry counselors visit your class later in February!

Virtual Course Fair Picture to Class Video Links

We've created a page to help you keep track of everything related to course selection for next school year. Bookmark this page and check back often for updates, documents, helpful videos, and more! Click (Update Comming Soon) 


Logging into your ZOOM with your Chromebook: https://youtu.be/JbyDrfZRkAY

 How to Access your student email in AISD:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Azx4zweTJHA&feature=youtu.be


Technology 101 for Parents

If you are new to AISD or just really confused about how to access the AISD applications, navigate BLEND and Teams, and/or personalize your calendar and notifications, please click HERE for O. Henry Parent Resources on Getting Started in BLEND. The document includes the following linked resources: 

PDF Step Set (steps to create a parent cloud account) 

BLEND Parent 1-pager (getting started with BLEND for parents/guardians) 

BLEND Parent Access Screencast (3 minute video)  

BLEND Parent Tour (BLEND course for parents)


Please use the above resources as needed. All of the linked documents are in English and Spanish. Questions which are not answered in the O. Henry Parent Resources document, or its supporting links, can be directed to Parent Tech Support at 512-414-9187.