Family Learning Resources

AISD Resources: An overivew of our most-used resources and how to use them.

 Below are links to resources you may find useful:

Bus Stop Finder: To find your student's bus stop, please use our bus stop finder utility. Enter your student's home address and find the closest AISD bus stop.

Students riding or waiting on an AISD school bus are under the supervision of the district the same as if they are in the school building or on the school grounds, and therefore, are subject to the student disciplinary policies of the district.

Where's the Bus App: Austin ISD Transportation offers the WheresTheBus app to provide families with timely information about the location of each child’s bus, including when it will arrive at their stop.

The app is free to AISD families whose children ride the bus. The app is available on any device with Internet access (smartphone, tablet, personal computer, iPod)—and takes less than five minutes to install.

At AISD, our award-winning transportation team is committed to providing families with the best service. For any questions about bus transportation, please call 512-414-0238.

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