What is ACES?

ACES, which stands for Academics, Curriculum, Enrichment and Support. This advisory structure creates a flexible learning environment in which each individual student receives the most effective learning opportunity tailored to their needs.

At O.Henry, ACES class meets four days a week, Tuesday through Friday. In addition to SEL lessons, students will have study hall, intramurals, outside play time, interventions, and school-wide assemblies including honor rolls recognition and special guests.

Social Emotional Learning

Every week, in every ACES course across the whole campus, everyone participates in an SEL lesson. Students and faculty engage with each other around topics like assertive communication, collaboration and group work, empathy, social justice, and digital citizenship. This commitment to Social and Emotional Learning, coupled with a focus on developmentally appropriate academic and enrichment opportunities, has created a powerful vehicle for rigorous learning and school community.

This sense of community and engagement permeates O. Henry and contributes to its positive campus culture. The school has enjoyed high academic success rates and recognition on both state and national levels, in large part due to the focus on meeting each individual learner’s academic, social and emotional requirements.

O. Henry’s dynamic staff have been willing to seek out successful structures from other schools and districts, take risks, and implement innovative learning techniques, all in the name of creating the best possible learning environment for the diverse needs of the Mustangs that come to O. Henry.

We are #AISDProud of the faculty, staff, and students at O. Henry Middle School for their commitment to SEL and their vision of high-quality academic, social, and emotional learning for all!

Casi Cook

504 Coordinator
ACES/SEL Coordinator