O. Henry Middle School

Language Arts

Introduction to Journalism- The Hoofbeat Publication

6th grade ELA:

Sharon Stockbauer

6th grade ELA, Introduction to Journalism

Tutoring times: Wednesday mornings 7:30-8:10, lunch by appointment

Website info: BLEND


Paula Cook

6th grade ELA

Tutoring times: Monday-3:40-4:40 or by appointment

Website info: BLEND

7th grade ELA:


7th grade ELA,  O. Henry Writing Project

Tutoring times: Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at Lunch

Website info: BLEND and ohwp.weebly.com


Amber Bass-Patterson

7th grade ELA

Tutoring times: Mon/Tues lunch and by appt

Website info: BLEND


8th grade ELA:

Alison Orchard

8th grade ELA and OWLS

Tutoring times:  Wed. A Lunch and Thurs. 3:45-4:30

Website info: BLEND


Alyssa Morgan

8th grade ELA

Tutoring times: Monday after school & Monday/Tuesday during lunch

Website info: BLEND





Reading Teacher:

Paula Segura, CALT in Training

6-8 Read 180

6-8 Take Flight

Tutoring times: Lunch by appointment 

Website info: www.ohenryreading.weebly.com


Robbie Horvath

Teacher Librarian

Library hours: 8am-3:50pm