O. Henry Middle School

STAAR Testing


STAAR Testing is Coming!

The schedule for STAAR testing is as follows: 

  • May 7- Algebra I End of Course exam
  • May 13- 6th and 7th Grade Math (8th Grade retest) 
  • May 14- 6th and 7th Grade Reading (8th Grade retest)
  • May 15- 8th Grade Science
  • May 16- 8th Grade Social Studies
  • May 17- Make-up testing

Other test day reminders: 

  • We ask that you not schedule any doctor or dentist appointments on these days. Also, students who are in testing sessions will not be able to be picked up until that testing session (4 hours) is completed. 
  • Get a good night’s sleep the night before, have a healthy breakfast prior, and stress to them that this is a test, merely a test, and the longstanding repercussions are minimal.  
  • Also, be advised that smartphones and smartwatches will be turned in to the teacher on these days and given back after everybody finishes the tests. In this day and age when a watch or phone can pick up any question spoken without cue words, it’s a necessary caution we take.  If your student has a problem with this, we advise them to keep their devices at home.